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Avoiding the Temptation to DIY (Or: "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Mechanic")

A few weeks ago, a Google search (“car growling after turns”) said my car needed a new front hub. It sounds complicated, but I found a great YouTube video. I got the hub online and put the car on jack stands. So far, so good.

Ultimately, the job took five trips to the hardware store; two hours whacking loose the old hub with a sledge hammer; even a 15-minute video on turning a power steering system into a hydraulic press.

Finally, I got the car back together. Not halfway up the driveway, my dashboard lit up: the ABS warning light. I uttered a few descriptive phrases and spent the rest of the weekend Googling, but never found an answer.

Come Monday, my mechanic figured it out. I had done a perfect job installing a 2006 hub on a 2007 car. He solved the mystery in minutes and had the car fixed in about an hour.

A few days later, a client came to my office in a panic with a very official-looking eviction notice from her landlord. It looked like something someone had downloaded from a website. It had “Notice to Quit” in big, bold letters with an underline. It had scary words in it such as “hereby,” and “upon expiration.”

However, Maine law is very specific about eviction notices. They must include certain language, and there are strict rules about when and how they must be served. The typical standard fare "Notice to Quit" from the Internet often won't pass muster here in Maine.

I took a closer look at my tenant-client’s eviction notice. It did not have any of the required language, and her landlord had not followed any of the rules around proper service. 

I handed the notice back to my client, sat back in my chair, and folded my hands.

Timidly, my client asked, “I can't afford to be evicted right now... I need more time.  Is there anything we can do?”

I paused, just for a moment, thought about my mechanic, and smiled.

“Yes,” I told her, “I believe we may have a number of options.”


Please note: Casco Bay Law, LLC does not provide auto diagnostic or repair services. Do not attempt your own automotive repair (or legal services) unless you have the proper training, expertise, tools, and safety equipment. Casco Bay Law, LLC does provide a broad range of legal services to tenants, landlords, individuals, families, and businesses. If we may be able to help you, please let us know.